Neuropathy can be extremely painful and uncomfortable condition.  It can also cause numbness, loss of limb, ulcers and loss of balance. Patients with Neuropathy suffer from a number of different symptoms including electrical, burning, shocking and achy pain.  Many patients suffer from the dichotomy of being numb but also have a significant amount of pain.  Most of the patients that come to see us have been told there is very little that can be done to help the symptoms of Neuropathy – but there is hope.  At the Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, we have taken aggressive steps to keep current with the latest advancements in Neuropathy treatments to give our patients relief from this terrible condition.

Here are a few of the treatments and advice that we give our patients when they first come to see us with Neurpathy.

1.  Strict glucose control: In the absence of good glucose control, nothing else works very well.

2.  Nutritional supplementation helps to heal your nerves: There are various nutritional supplements which can be used to heal your nerves. Generallly start with 2 or 3 and then add others as needed.

3.  Pharmaceutical pain medications only make pain more tolerable: There are several medications which can be used to treat your pain. These medication do nothing to help the nerve repair themselves.

4.  Neurogenix: This is a recent technology that has become a real game changer for patients with chronic neuropathy pain. About 70 – 80% of patients that undergo this therapy show significant long-term improvement in symptoms.

5.  Laser Therapy: Laser therapy is on the cutting edge of modern medicine. Laser therapy dramatically increases the energy supply to the cells helping them to heal themselves.  It also is a strong anti-inflammatory and pain alleviating therapy. We use this therapy in conjunction with the other treatments.

6.  Surgery: If the patient is a good candidate and meets the criteria, relief can be found with nerve decompression surgery. An estimated 40% of neuropathy patients have some degree of nerve compression as component of their nerve pain and nerve decompression can dramatically change the long-term survivability of the nerve and limb and decrease patient’s symptoms.

You have Neuropathy; don’t give up hope. There are treatments available which can be very helpful in most cases. Please contact us at the Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic — your San Antonio Neuropathy Relief Center and lets work together to get you back on your feet. Our offices are located in Universal City and Pleasanton, TX.