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ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY Frequently Asked Questions

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Arthroscopic Surgery | Diagnostics is an innovative and minimally invasive way for our doctors to diagnose different ankle joint conditions and treat them at the same time!

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The term actually just means “joint scope”.

Arthroscopy is a procedure where a small buttonhole sized instrument is introduced inside the joint, where a fiberoptic is used to look around and see what is going on with leaving a minimal sized scar, thus a quicker recovery.  A 2nd hole is then made where instruments can be be introduced to fix damage inside the joint.

Primarily the joints treated are the ankle and subtalar joint.

There are articles about treating joints that are smaller but the reality is the joint has to be large enough to introduce instruments in order to fix problems.

Smaller joints can be eliminated and looked at but it is very difficult to do much to correct problems because the joints are so small.  This is done through “diagnostic arthroscopy”.

The main indication for a person who might benefit from arthroscopy is pain in the front of your ankle or a feeling of instability or decreased ankle range of motion when you try to bring  up your toes, you may have anterior ankle joint impingement.

The reason the joint gets impinged is usually because of soft tissue that is being pinched in the front of the ankle. Don’t worry though, this is quite easily removed with a arthroscopy procedure.

Sometimes the anterior impingement is caused by bone growth. This could also be removed with the scope procedure.  This is a little more difficult but it can be done.

 Another condition of the ankle that can the be successfully treated with the scope is “osteochondral lesions”.  Osteochondral means  “bone-cartilage”.  It is somewhat like a terrible bruise that goes through the cartilage into the bone.

 Pain in the back of the ankle can also be treated with arthroscopy in some cases.  Loose bodies can also be removed from the ankle joint.


Arthroscopic Foot & Ankle Surgery Explained

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