How to Soften Dry, Cracked Heels

“Hi, this is Dr. Silvester, and I’m going to talk to you today about one of my favorite subjects (not really!) – dry cracked heels. We see this condition all of the time down here in South Texas, because temperatures reach over one hundred degrees quite frequently. Many ladies don’t like to wear shoes, and in sandals the skin dries out, they get calluses, and then they get cracks in their heels. We have the solution for you, to keep your heels looking young and healthy. It’s called uric acid cream. We carry two of them.

The first one is Kera-42 lotion, and it’s a cream that is a little lighter weight. The next one is RevitaDerm, and it’s a little heaver cream. You use these by first having your shower or bath – as soon as you get out you apply either one of these and then you cover your feet with saran wrap for about 30 minutes. That drives the uric acid into your skin.

What uric acid does is it causes loose cells to slough off very quickly and it also causes healing of the cracks that are in your feet. What that does for a heel during the summer is it keeps it healthy as if it were in a shoe all of the time. You can have healthy looking heels without painful cracks and dry or unsightly skin all through the summer by just doing these couple of things. You don’t have to use much of this and you don’t even have to do it every day.

Once you heal your heels you only need to do it occasionally. If you have that problem, you don’t have to see a doctor – just come into the office and ask for the cream that we use for our cracked heels and our staff will take care of you. The price is very reasonable and if you do have other problems with your heel or if you have questions about your foot health, please give us a call at the Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic. Thanks for listening!”