MLS Laser Therapy

Non-Invasive Treatment

MLS Laser Therapy is a non-invasive treatment as well as an alternative to surgery in some cases. In this video, Dr. Silvester explains how our MLS Laser Therapy works, what it treats, and why we recommend it to our patients. For more information about MLS Laser Therapy and how our specialists can help you, call our office at (210) 375-3318 to schedule an appointment today!

Patient Testimonial

We are happy and honored to have patients record testimonials regarding their experience with our doctors, staff and treatment! Please watch this video to learn more about Morty’s experience with MLS Laser Therapy, and how it got him back on his feet! 


MLS Laser Therapy cuts your recovery time by 40%!

This device SHOULD NOT be used:


  • over areas of suspicious, potentially or known cancerous tissue
  • over areas of active hemorrhage
  • over areas injected with steroids in the past 2 – 3 weeks
  • over the thoracic area if the patient is using a pacemaker
  • over the sympathetic ganglia
  • over the vagus nerve
  • over the neck (thyroid or carotoid sinus region)over or near bone growth centers until bone growth is complete


  • if you take anticoagulants
  • if you take medication that is known to increase sensitivity to sunlight
  • if you have seizure disorders triggered by light
  • if you are pregnant
  • if you are suspected of carrying serious infectious disease where it is advisable to suppress heat or fever
  • if you have hemorrhagic predisposition
  • if you have HIV positive history