What you can expect:

Electrical signal therapy with integrated nerve block (injections) is an exciting new technology for patients suffering with neuropathy. In clinical studies it has been shown to improve symptoms and nerve function in almost everyone who completes the treatments- So expect to get better! It is very likely that you will. Other therapies and even surgery may also be required to get you feeling like your old self if you are not progressing. Therapies are held three times a week and injections are given twice a week. The shots are usually not painful but sometimes can be. The pain (if any!) only lasts a minute.

What you have to do:

Show Up- This is a highly advanced treatment for neuropathy and highly dependent on you getting sequential treatments in a timely fashion. If you miss treatments the results of the course of therapy are seriously compromised (it won’t work). If you cannot commit to 13 treatments without missing, please don’t schedule treatments as you are not going to get any benefit from the “HIT AND MISS” approach.

Take your pills- Nutrition is very important for the treatment of nerve pathology and the supplements are critical in helping your damaged nerves heal.

If nerve surgery is recommended, strongly consider it- Sometimes nerve compression is a part of nerve symptoms. If your nerves are being squeezed then therapy alone is usually not enough to get the nerves to heal, or they may feel good for a while but the pain or numbness can return quickly. Nerves damaged by compression can’t get the blood and nutrients they need to heal.

The treatments- Usually you will get 3 injections in each leg. The location of these injections can vary at times. These injections consist of a long-acting local anesthetic, but you will not experience numbness most of the time. After that there are 2 treatment cycles that last about 20 minutes each. The treatment cycles consist of application of some adhesive pads to your legs over your nerves. Electrical signal therapy will then be applied. You will not feel anything during some of the cycles. At other times you will feel the electrical signals. Sometimes the cycles will be uncomfortable, but they should not be painful. If you experience pain that is intolerable, intensity needs to be lowered. Please let us know.

Safety- This treatment has almost no risk of problems. Injection site irritation is possible in rare cases. Some people have allergies or sensitivity to the local anesthetic. Possible nerve damage can result, but is extremely rare.

The Results- Success rates with this treatment are above 80% in the study groups so far. Our experience is similar. It usually takes 6 treatments to see significant results.