Have you been experiencing chronic pain from Arthritis, Neuropathy, Nerve / Joint issues, Peripheral Artery Disease, Peripheral Vascular Disease, or Regional Chronic Pain Syndrome (RCPS)?  Then you many want to consider trying Stivax Neurostimulation Therapy.  

Stivax Neurostimulation Therapy uses non-narcotic, mild electronic impulses to block pain signals.  Patients wear a water resistant, small, disposable device fitted on the ear which is connected to a small disposable device fitted on the collar.  It is an FDA approved, microchip controlled, neurostimulation device.  

Patients report significant pain reduction with increased mobility along with decreased use of opioid medications. 

Stivax Neurostimulation Therapy is considered outpatient therapy.  This therapy is covered by Medicare and most commercial insurance policies.  Schedule an appointment today to see if Neurostimulation Therapy is the correct choice for you.

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