Adult Flat Feet: Why You Should Choose Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic 

Adult Flat Feet Comes in Two Types

The first type of adult flat feet has been present since childhood. This type of flat feet causes a general decrease in tolerance to activity and early postural fatigue.  These patients are generally relatively inactive because of the disability caused by flat feet.

The second type of adult flat feet is a late onset flat feet where the patient notices that their foot is collapsing. This is usually associated with acute onset pain on the inside of the ankle and the outside of the ankle. This is generally caused by a ruptured tendon. 


Commonly Misdiagnosed as “Arthritis”

Both types of flat feet are frequently misdiagnosed as “arthritis”.   Most of the time there is little or no arthritis because the joints are fine.  “Arthritis” means inflammation of joints. The joints can become arthritic after a prolonged period of time but in general, it’s just the position of the foot that makes things hurt.  Once the position of the foot improves, the joints (even arthritic ones) start to feel better.  


Overriding Cause of Flat Feet

In most cases, there is also an overriding cause of the flat feet…..a short Achilles tendon.  Shockingly, I have seen many patients who have seen doctors multiple times for flat feet and they were never told they had a short Achilles tendon and how this plays a role in their problem.  Many doctors never look for this problem.  

We recently had a patient who underwent Achilles tendon lengthening at the age of 35.  He has had flat feet all his life and was suffering from all kinds of foot pain. 3 weeks after Achilles tendon lengthening, this patient was walking much more comfortably.  2 months after surgery, he was extremely happy with the progress and is able to tolerate long walks without pain. His feet were still somewhat flat, but he had to return to work quickly and could not go through the recovery of a flat foot surgery.   His pain went away by decreasing the stress across the foot by lengthening the Achilles tendon. The story is fairly common in our clinic.


Advanced Diagnostic Technology

At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, our patients get a comprehensive foot and ankle exam along with an explanation regarding the cause of their flat feet.  Our Podiatrists use diagnostic ultrasound technology that can look at your tendons, use x-rays to evaluate your bone structure and joints, and help determine the correctability of your condition.  


One-Stop Shop for Flat Feet Conditions

At Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic, we offer our patients a variety of options for treating flat foot conditions.  These include prosthetics, arch supports, and surgical reconstruction. If prosthetics are needed, we provide them.  We also have specialized shoes that can help. In short, this is a one-stop shop to solve your flat foot problems. From arch supports to reconstructive or minimally invasive surgery, we have you covered.