Ultrasound Healing Therapy is advanced wound healing technology clinically proven to treat acute and chronic wounds as well as diabetic foot ulcers.

With UltraMIST Therapy low-energy ultrasound waves are delivered painlessly to the wound in a fluid/saline mist. No direct contact is ever made with the wound. This treatment takes only two and a half minutes to kill more than 80 percent of bacteria on the surface, along with stimulating the cells within and below the wound bed to accelerate the normal healing process. Roughly 47 percent of open wounds heal faster with ultrasound mist therapy versus traditional wound care.

Unlike most wound products that are limited to treating the surface, the sound waves of UltraMist Therapy penetrate into and below the wound to promote your normal healing process.

This therapy is covered by Medicare and is subject to copay, co-insurances and deductibles, however it is not covered by most commercial insurances.

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