Considering Foot Surgery?: Why You Should Choose Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic

Foot surgery is a big step for any patient.  There is a lot of concern about how the procedure will affect the patient’s life and activity level going forward.  There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account. But the big reasons you should choose Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic are as follows:


The right diagnosis:

We often see patients who have undergone surgery for a certain condition in other locations without a careful exam.  This results in less than optimal results. Sometimes the main diagnosis has been missed entirely because the doctor who performed surgery did not do a careful clinical exam.  Our goal is to provide the best physical exam of the foot and ankle the patient has ever had. At Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic, we have very rigid protocols that help us make the correct diagnosis to help your condition.


Surgical customization:

At Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic, we take into consideration not just the foot condition, but the patient as well.  For example, even with the same diagnosis, the procedure you perform on an 85-year-old patient may not be the same procedure you perform on a 20-year-old, highly active patient.  Also, there may be minimally invasive procedures, which most doctors are unfamiliar with, that offer a much shorter recovery time. The degree of deformity or the amount of correction needed to make the foot functional is a consideration.  Oftentimes, a doctor only performs one or two procedures for a given deformity. This can sometimes limit the surgical outcomes to less than optimal results. We customize our procedure selection to our patient’s needs.  


Pain management postoperatively:

Pain is a big concern when you’re undergoing surgery.  At Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic we have strict protocols that help us limit the amount of postoperative pain our patients experience.  Our patients are educated on what they should and should not be doing during the post-operative period, and steps are taken during surgery to minimize the potential pain levels a patient experiences after surgery.  It is never guaranteed, but frequently our patients will only need to take 1 or 2 pain pills following a procedure.



We have a surgical center on site.  No need to go to the hospital. We have partnered with Christus Santa Rosa to provide a very intimate and warm environment for surgery housed in our Universal City location.

Minimally invasive surgery available:

The current trend in all medicine is to try and do less harm and achieve the same results.  At Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic, our doctors are trained in minimally invasive surgery. There are many deformities and conditions that can be addressed with very little trauma to the foot and ankle.

So if you’re considering surgical correction of a foot problem, give us a call at Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic.  You will be in good hands.