Band Stretch at Home to Relieve Arch Pain

“This is Dr. Silvester again today, and I’m going to show you another exercise on how to strengthen the muscles inside your foot to help with arch pain. If you look down at this patient’s foot right here, she’s got this exercise rubber band, we call it a theraband, and it’s set up so that her big toe is not on the band, but the little toes are.What we do is we just pull this band up and give her that strap. Make sure the little toes are hooked in pretty good. She puts a little tension on it, and now she just pushes up and down really slow with her little toes. The big toe can move too, that’s okay. But, what you’re doing with the resistance is working the muscles that go to the little toes because those are the ones, that muscle goes right along with that ligament that inserts at the heel and causes inflammation and plantar fasciitis at the heel.So she just does this for a few minutes until the muscles get tired, two or three times a day.Pretty easy! Thanks!”