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Pregnancy is a remarkable event. A lot happens during the many months of gestation to allow for the growth of a healthy, whole child. Even when everything goes completely as planned, it can be a bit nerve-wracking.

Discovering your new baby has clubfoot adds an additional layer of difficulty for parents.

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Clubfoot: Curved Baby Feet


treatment options

The sooner the condition is addressed, the more successful clubfoot correction tends to be. Dr. Darren Silvester and Dr. Gregory Larsen will examine your child’s feet to determine the severity of the problem.

Usually a simple evaluation is all that is needed, but sometimes X-rays are helpful for getting a clearer picture of the condition. Then our staff will help you begin treatment for your child.


conservative treatment options

Conservative methods have been highly successful for the majority of children who begin therapy shortly after birth, when the feet are at their most flexible.

The point of noninvasive treatment is to realign the feet and allow them to grow into the correct position. Your child’s lower limbs will be carefully stretched and straightened. Then they are covered with cast to hold them in that position.

After a few days to a week, the cast is removed and the process repeated, with the feet held a little straighter each time.

The cycle will continue for several months until the feet are in a normal position.

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Clubfoot: Curved Baby Feet

minimially invasive

treatment & surgery

for Clubfoot


treatment & surgery options

Dr. Silvester and Dr. Larsen specialize in many advanced minimally and non-invasive treatments, and if necessaryadvanced minimally invasive and traditional surgical techniques with patient proven success stories.

When conservative treatments fail, the following is used to treat your child’s clubfoot:

This minor procedure lengthens the Achilles and is casted over to heal for a few more weeks.

Then, your baby transitions to a bracing period. Your child will wear special shoes and braces regularly for about three months, then begins wearing them only while sleeping.

This final stage lasts until your child is four to five years old, allowing the feet to completely grow into the normal, healthy position without regressing.

How long will my child be in the bracing period?

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Surgery is also an option to correct clubfoot, though it’s not usually the first choice.

The procedure resets your child’s foot and lengthens all the shortened connectors at once.

Once the feet have healed, your baby will spend roughly a year in braces to prevent the feet from curving again.

Usually this is reserved for severe cases where the feet are rigid and do not respond to conservative methods.

If surgery is necessary, the procedure can be performed at our Olympia Surgery Center.

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