Flat feet in children


We like to ask our pediatric patients with flat feet, “Who gave you those feet?”

or in adults we ask “Who did you give those feet too?” 

The first thing most parents notice when their children have flat feet is that they have a great deal of difficulty keeping up with their peers.  When they participate in sports, the parents notice that the child “runs funny”.

Also, the child seems to tire easily in most cases. Many times the chief complaint is the patient is unable to go to the mall or Sea World or any other place that requires prolonged walking without wanting to sit down every 30 minutes. 

Children generally do not complain of pain with flat feet. They usually complain of getting tired.

Flat feet are also associated with increased knee pain and cartilage erosion of the knees later in life. Hip pain and back pain are also associated with flat feet.

What I have observed in 30 years of the practice of medicine is just a gradual decreasing quality of life for children with flat feet. They become less and less active and as a result they generally gain weight.

They avoid activities that would otherwise keep them healthy. It’s not that they’re lazy. It’s that it’s difficult for them to pursue normal activities that are not problematic for children with normal feet.

Don’t let your little ones suffer in pain!

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Flat Feet in Children

Children With Flat Feet

treatment options

Flat feet can be a major problem for kids. Many people (some doctors included) think it is just something you have to live with. This is not the case.

So if you think your child is struggling with flat feet give us a call and let us discuss which options might be best for you and your child.


conservative treatment options



Generally speaking there are two types of flat feet in children. Rigid and flexible. They are not the same type of flat foot. Rigid flat feet NEVER respond to arch supports. Flexible flat feet ALMOST NEVER respond to arch supports.

That being said some type of support is a reasonable first step. Over the counter supports are much less expensive and can help some kids with minimal, easily reducible flat feet. Custom supports are more expensive and can help more severe deformities.

The advantage of any supports is that it can be done quickly and easily and really doesn’t cause any problems.

The disadvantage is that they really never really CORRECT the problem they just temporarily support the foot in a better position, maybe. Long term studies show that they cause no significant improvement in  the arch height. In February of 2020 a review of the literature article published in Foot Ankle Surgery exploring the effectiveness of orthotics or arch supports concluded that: There is no strong evidence that the long-term use of orthoses improved the structural problem of pediatric flexible flat foot .”

At Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic, we are the first to bring San Antonio and surrounding areas Custom 3D Orthotics with our FitStation by HP(Hewlett Packard), digitized for unparalleled accuracy.

Our FitStation provides thousands of data points on not only the pressure points of your foot standing still (like a cast would) and when your feet are in gait (a person’s manner of walking), giving the doctors a view of how your body as a whole is affecting each foot for your perfectly tailored fit.

Keep in mind, shoes that are narrow don’t work too well with orthotics.  

Dr. Silvester talks about flat feet in children and why we are the best choice to treat your children’s flat feet and help give them the active life, pain-free, they deserve!

Flat Feet in Children

Take our quick quiz to see if your child might have flat feet:

Does my child have flat feet?

Flat feet can be a major problem for kids. Many people (some doctors included) think it is just something you have to live with. This is not the case.

So if you think your child is struggling with flat feet give us a call and let us discuss which options might be best for you and your child.


children with flat/misaligned feet

cautionary signs to look for:

Some children may not be able to verbalize the symptoms they are experiencing, but parents can still spot signs of a problem with their child’s feet.

Check to see if your child exhibits any of the following behaviors (signs):

Flat Feet in Children

Always wanting to be held

Your child wants to be held and carried longer/more often than other children, especially when walking.

Flat Feet in Children

Avoiding physical activities

Your child avoids/resists normal physical activities, runs significantly slower and/or is less coordinated than other children.

Flat Feet in Children

Shoelaces always coming untied

Your child shoelaces come untied more than normal due to the foot rolling inward at the ankle.

Flat Feet in Children

Growing pains & pain in their legs

Your child experiences growing pains at bedtime and/or wakes up shortly after falling asleep from pain in their legs.

Flat Feet in Children

Unusually over-weight

Your child is unusually over-weight, typically due to a lack in activity level.

Flat Feet in Children

Collapsed arches or "too many toes syndrome"

Your child has collapsed arches, or "too many toes syndrome".

Flat Feet in Children

minimially invasive

treatment & surgery

for children with
flat feet


advanced & minimally invasive
ways to
treat flat feet

Dr. Silvester and Dr. Larsen specialize in many advanced minimally and non-invasive treatments, and if necessaryadvanced minimally invasive and traditional surgical techniques with patient proven success stories.

Some of those are used to treat your child’s flat feet, such as:

Click the link to learn more about HyProCure and how it can help you:

HyProCure for Flat Feet and Misaligned Feet

Learn More >

Chronic pain is NEVER something your child should expected to live with!

At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic we are proud to announce that we are now a certified HyProCure Center of Excellence.

The HyProCure Treatment helps patients with a variety of conditions caused by poorly aligned feet.

If you have pain in your feet, ankles, hips, back, or knees, schedule an appointment with Dr. Darren Silvester today!



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