Why You Should Choose Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic if You Have Diabetes.

Diabetes is scary.

Diabetes has a profound effect on 3 systems that affect your feet.

The vascular system

The neurologic system

The dermatologic system

 We can offer expert care in all 3 of these systems.  

The vascular system: If you are a patient of our clinic, and he have questions about avascular system or if the doctor suspects there may be a circulation problem, we have have a in office vascular lab to screen patient’s to see if there is a problem.  This makes it very convenient for our patients to be tested. No need to go elsewhere. If there is a problem we have an excellent network of physicians we work with to help your circulation.

The neurologic system: We offer a comprehensive neurologic care package that includes nerve function testing, nutritional supplementation, prescription medications when needed, electrical rehabilitation, and surgery if necessary.  Simply put, we offer some of the best neurologic care for diabetic feet in South Texas. Check our reviews.

The dermatologic system: We offer comprehensive advice on how to keep your skin healthy.  Everything from topical creams, to oral medications, to lifestyle changes in shoe gear are available in our clinic.  Especially if you have a history of or a recurrent foot ulcer. We offer innovative and evidence-based treatments for foot ulcers that not only address the problem but the cause of the problem.  Please see our page on “Why you should see The Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic if you have a diabetic foot ulcer” for more information.

Information is power:

You get a comprehensive physical exam when you see us.  Based on that exam, we make recommendations that are sound, not very costly or entirely free, and make sense to keep your feet healthy.  Diabetic home foot care consists of basically 3 categories:

Inspection: Check her feet daily for any problems

Protection: Wear good shoes and soft insoles to protect the feet from excess pressure or sheer force

Intervention: If you see a problem get help right away.