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At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic we believe in doing things right the first time and utilizing modern tools to help us do so.  Using one of our two ultrasound imaging devices, our doctors are able to more accurately identify the pain site so they are able to directly and precisely disperse the medicine in order to more effectively relieve the pain.

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Treating nerve pain through

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Ultrasound Imaging

ultrasound guided

treatment & surgery


Dr. Silvester and Dr. Larsen specialize in many advanced minimally and non-invasive treatments, and if necessaryadvanced minimally invasive and traditional surgical techniques with patient proven success stories.

See below to learn more about the innovative ways our doctors utilize our ultrasound imaging device:

Ultrasound Guided Steroid Injections

Is there a cure for chronic, degenerative heel pain?

Rapid pain relief.



Finding relief from neuropathy pain!

Neuropathy patient shares his testimony, finding relief from neuropathy through our innovative minimally invasive treatments, such as ultrasound guided nerve block injections, EST Therapy, MLS Laser Therapy and more.


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Ultrasound Imaging

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