Hi, my name is Darlen. Dr. Silvester asked me to share my story with you. I’ve been dealing with Neuropathy going on 5 years. During the first year, I started off with just a little numbness in my toe. Then it started from there and went to my other feet, and I started getting the numbness, the tingling, the burning, everything, the pain. 

So I dealt with it then went to three neurologists and finally one referred me to the UT, to the doctors over there. I did many tests that were expensive and that insurance paid for, but some didn’t. It came back all normal – I don’t have diabetes. They couldn’t find the reason for it. So my husband was the one who kept looking and kept looking, trying to find someone to help with neuropathy and he found Dr. Silvester in the paper and he told me to go. I fought him, said no. “There’s nothing they can do,” I said. “They are just going to tell me that I have to deal with it.” 

So finally I gave in and made the appointment with Dr. Silvester and he actually gave me some injections in my feet and it helped. So he started talking to me about surgery, about the nerve reduction surgery. So I was hesitant a little bit but then I was figuring you know, might as well because I couldn’t walk. I had a really bad limp because of the pain so I went in, did the first surgery, came out, and did a lot. By the third day I could feel that I was having sensation back in my foot. I was feeling everything! The burning pain was gone! I still have a little tingling left, but not too bad. And it’s like 75% better than what it was. I can walk, I don’t have the limp anymore, I don’t need help out of the car, and I don’t need help going up the stairs. It’s like I’m getting my life back!