What is the Difference Between Intoeing and Out-toeing? 

Intoeing and out-toeing are both gait abnormalities in young children, but they have key differences. Intoeing is a problem where your son or daughter’s toes appear to point inward toward the other foot when he or she stands. This is often the result of the way your baby’s feet were positioned in the womb. Out-toeing is simply the opposite. The toes appear to point outward and away from the other foot. This can be normal, but it can also be a side effect of a neuromuscular disorder.

If your children’s feet point either in or out you should have your child’s lower limbs evaluated thoroughly to make sure the toes’ positions do not signal a bigger problem. Dr. Darren Silvester and the experienced staff at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic will use a variety of tests to check for unusual problems that may have contributed to the abnormality. If you notice this issue with your child’s feet, contact our Universal City, TX, office for an appointment. You can reach us by calling 210.375.3318 or by using the website.