One Patient’s Story of Success with Neuropathy Treatments

“Hi, my name is Chuck and I really voluntarily wanted to share some experience I’ve had with peripheral neuropathy and certainly with the experiences with the foot and ankle clinic.

I had just about given up hope, probably about a month and a half or two months ago. My feet were aching, it felt like they were on fire, they were tingling, I didn’t have the electrical impulses which wasn’t very good. I don’t have diabetes, and everybody thinks that neuropathy is a diabetic thing. It’s not. I’m one of those 30% that it just happens – nobody knows why. I guess what is so disturbing is it doesn’t seem like there’s a really good basis for treating neuropathy, until now, that is out there. I had basically been told by several other doctors in the area that, “You’re going to have to live with it.”

Whatever they gave me went away shortly after I stopped taking it and I went back to where I was before.

I was ready to give up. I was at wit’s end, I wasn’t sleeping, my feet hurt so bad, my toes were going numb, I was getting weakness in the legs, it really was taking over my entire body and it scared the heck out of me. I happened to be at another doctor’s office on another issue and he mentioned Dr. Silvester, who was a friend of his, and he said that he seemed to have about a 4-step procedure, injections,  some state of the art laser equipment they use, some electrical impulse type thing – like a TENS unit, and also some supplemental nutritional supplements. It sure sounded good. I did some research on it and I made the call. Let me tell you, it’s probably the best thing I’ve done in a long long time.

I’m here now on my 8th or 9th session – I come about 2 days a week. I’m not sure which part of this procedure is working but they’re all coming together and the decrease int he pain and suffering is just dramatic. I never thought I would ever stop worrying about walking through a mall and having my feet hurting enough that I’d have to sit on that bench, which I swore I’d never in my life sit on that bench while my wife went shopping. I cancelled some vacations, and I’ll tell you, everything has just really been great and I hope it continues that way.

When I got here the staff was very friendly, very professional, the building is brand new, everything is so clean. Dr. Silvester is very professional and he knows his stuff. Even though he’s busy he’ll take the time to answer your questions. If you’ve got neuropathy, you know it, and that’s probably why you’re on the website right now. Make the call and come here because it’s been a wonderful thing for my life right now and my wife is not going to kick me out of the house because I was getting so curt with her just because of the pain and the quality of life issues. Things have changed now, they really have for the better. I have nothing but great praise for this organization.”