Elective procedures:

Q What can I take before/during/ and after a shockwave procedure?A: No NSAIDS such as ibuprofen, meloxicam,aleve a week prior to shockwave therapy and during the shockwave treatment plan. Tylenol and Tramadol are ok. Q:Does insurance cover laser/fungal laser/ or shockwave therapy? A: No, insurance does not cover any of our elective treatments that we have  Q:How many sessions are for fungal lasers?A: 3 treatments once a month Q: How many sessions are there for laser therapy and how often can I get it?A: 6 sessions for laser therapy and they can come as often as needed Q:How often is shockwave therapy starting out treatment?A: 3 visits with 2 sessions per treatment , which totals 6 sessions . Q:What does PVR mean?A: Pulse Volume Recording, and it is a test for blood circulation in legs and feet  Orthotics/ AFOs/ Braces/DMEs: Q:Does it matter my foot structure ( wide, flat, high arched) when scanning for custom orthotic orders?A: No, the orthotic machine scans the foot in its natural state and is able to pick up on exact foot structure. Q: How long does it take once AFOs/Braces to be made and arrive in office once casted?A: Typically 3-4 weeks Q:How long does it take for custom orthotics scanned in the office to arrive in the office?A: Typically 3-4 weeks Q: Can I return custom orthotics?A: Custom orthotics can be adjusted or sent back to company for repair Q:Does insurance cover arch supports?A: No, this is an Over the counter item Q: What is a DME? A:Durable Medical Equipment. For example: CAM walker, Ankle brace, Night splint, crutches, post op shoe. Q:Does medicare cover custom orthotics?A: No medicare does not ever cover custom orthotics  Post Op: Q: My foot is still swollen from surgery I had 1 month ago, is this normal?A: This is absolutely normal, swelling can occur for months after surgery. As long as it is not accompanied by redness,tenderness,drainage or odor. Q: I just had surgery, can I get in the pool/ ocean?A: No, you cannot get in until sutures are removed and area is dry and closed Q:Is drainage normal after an ingrown procedure ?A: Yes, drainage can occur several weeks after the procedure. As long as redness doesn’t travel up the toe, its completely normal for it to look worse before it looks better. Q:Is it normal to have numbness after surgery?A: Yes it is absolutely normal Q:Can you still drive after an ingrown procedure ?A: Yes, the toe is the only thing that is numb and will last about 4 hrs. Q: When can I shower after surgery?A: Normally it is after sutures are taken out which is typically 2 weeks after surgery.  Lab: Q:Do I need to be fasting for my lab orders?A: No, the only labs that require fasting is the A1C which we normally ever order. Q: Patient called for Lab results in order to start taking fungal medicine. These would be the CMP results, is it ok to give them the results over the phone?A: Yes, as long as the AST and ALT is in normal range they are good to start taking prescribed fungal medication.   Injections:  Q: Can I drive after receiving a steroid injection?A: yes, steroid injections only affect area injected Q:Is it normal to have pain after the injection?A:Yes, some patients have increased pain for 3 days after injection before pain subsides Q: What did the doctor inject me with?A: The injection was a steroid, the steroid is less than what your body produces in a day , so no need to panic.