Does the Neurogenx Treatment for Neuropathy Work?

MA: I’m here with Manuel Salazar, and what was the problem you had that brought you to our clinic?

Manuel: Neuropathy. Tingling in your feet, burning sensations, you can’t sit still, your legs are restless all of the time – things like that.

MA: And how did you hear about our clinic?

Manuel: I’ve known Dr. Silvester for quite a while. He treated a brother of mine for other things.

MA: How long did you have your problem with your neuropathy?

Manuel: I’ve had this problem for at least, give or take, three years.

MA: Before you came here, what treatments did you have for your neuropathy?

Manuel: I didn’t have any treatment. I was taking medication called Lyrica. It was helping, but Lyrica is a drug – it just numbs the pain, that’s what it does. It didn’t really treat the problem.

MA: Had you seen any other doctors before you came to Dr. Silvester?

Manuel: No ma’am. Dr. Silvester was the first one for these treatments.

MA: And your experience here at the clinic?

Manuel: Very good. The staff is excellent. Friendly, professional.

MA: And your treatment now? What are you doing now?

Manuel: I’m doing these treatments, the Neurogenx. They are working fine, they are excellent. I’ve had great improvement in my feet and legs.

MA: That’s great. How many treatments have you done already?

Manuel: I think this is number eleven.

MA: And you say you’re feeling improvement and feeling much better now?

Manuel: Oh yes, ma’am, much better. I saw an improvement right away.

MA: Would you ever recommend a friend to us?

Manuel: Oh, yes, ma’am. As a matter of fact, I was up in Houston this past week and I was telling him about these treatments and they were going to look into it too.