No Excuses Needed for a Foot Massage

People look forward to summer vacations as a chance to get away, relax, and enjoy life. Everyone needs an opportunity to wind down from the stress and rush of daily schedules. You don’t have to wait until vacation to give your sore feet a break, though. A simple foot massage can help your feet relax and relieve some uncomfortably tight tissues.

Massages aren’t just a luxury; they can benefit your lower limbs and help you manage tension and discomfort. You spend so much time pounding around on your feet from day-to-day that they can easily become fatigued. If you have trouble with arch problems, like flat feet, you’re even more prone to overuse and strain that leads to foot pain. A foot massage—even one you do on yourself—can help your feet feel better.

Cross one leg over the other, so your foot is propped on your knee. Gently rub lotion all over your foot, including your arch and heel. Carefully knead your knuckles or your thumbs into the sole of your foot, making little circular motions. Slowly pull your toes backwards and feel the stretch. Then gently pull and stretch them apart. Place a tennis or golf ball on the floor and roll it around with the sole of your foot, pressing hard enough to feel the massage.

A self-massage is a simple way to pamper and care for your feet, especially when they are sore. Easy treatments like this offer relief and keep your feet limber. If you’re struggling with uncomfortable, tense lower limbs, or aren’t sure if your massage techniques are correct, ask for more information or an appointment with Dr. Darren Silvester and the team at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic. You can reach our Pleasanton, TX, office by calling (830) 569-3338 or by using the online request form.


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