HyProCure: Effective Treatment for Flat Feet


"Hi this is Dr. Silvester and I’m going to interview a patient and her mother who had the HyProCure procedure about a year ago. They’ve been nice enough to come in and see me, and her foot is - walking and watching her foot it’s nice and straight, she isn’t flatfooted anymore. She’s functioning really well. More importantly, I was going to ask her about how her recovery of this procedure was. Where did you have the procedure done?"
"Here in the office, right? You had the shots, it kind of hurt you a little bit."
"Just a little bit."
"Not too bad? Ok. How long did it take you to start feeling pretty good with your feet? Tell me about your post-operative experience. You had both of them done so you went through it twice."
"After three months I started feeling better."
"Ok - it took about three months to feel - when did you start doing sports again?"
"Two months after."
"Two months after? Two or three months? The first procedure was a little harder on her."
"Why was that?"
"Well, she first of all, she had never gone through surgery, and then also, as far as a parent, seeing her go through that and then the cast and having to go to school and having, just a little bit of everything."
"How long did she stay out of school?"
"She was out of school for maybe about a week?"
"Two weeks."
"Two weeks with each surgery?"
"Alright, and so it’s a little hard to go back to school, and that’s probably true! I don’t think that’s unusual. You were in a cast for a couple of weeks, and then you got into a CAM walker - velcro cast. Now you’re a year out, and how do you feel?"
"Better than what? What can you do now with your feet?"
"Run more, walk more, play more sports better."
"So you’re able to do things you weren’t able to do before the surgery. Your feet are working better. What did you like about the surgery, mom?"
"The fact that it was done here in the office and we didn’t have to go to the hospital and all that. That was awesome."
"Yeah, and it saves a lot of money too, right?"
"It’s a really minimally invasive surgery. Maybe we should show them the scar on your feet, what do you think? Would that be okay?"
"The scar is right there, if you look at that little scar. Let’s have a look at the other one. So there’s the other one, right there. They’re just little, tiny scars. Do the scars bother you at all?"
"Ok, great! That’s it! I just wanted a realistic evaluation of what the recovery from that kind of procedure was. Would you recommend it to your friends, if they had the same problem that you had?"
"Yes. Absolutely."
"Great - thank you!"

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