Electrical Signal Therapy


Electrical Signal Therapy (EST) refers to the use of electronic signal energy waves produced by an ultra-high digital frequency generator (UHdfg). These therapeutic pulsed energy waves are comfortably and non-invasively delivered directly into the lower body to impact your ankles and feet.

Electrical Signal Therapy successfully treats Osteoarthritis, Neuropathy, Gout, Circulation Issues, Drop Foot and Post Operative Pain.


"I stopped Gabapentin in favor of Electrical Signal Therapy and found this treatment to be significantly better.  The burning decreased and the overall condition of my feet and ankles seemed much better.  I would do it again if necessary.  Experiencing relief without drugs is great!"
~D.P., Universal City


The neoGEN-Series® signal energy waves, along with associated harmonic resonance frequencies, are used to physiologically imitate, exhaust or block certain functions of the amacrine, somatic or sympathetic nerve fibers for comprehensive patient treatment success. Even newer research involving electric signal energy waves with expanded and sweeping frequency at a quarter-tone scale rate are referred to as electric cell intonation (ESI). The neoGEN-Series® system is a state-of-the art, technically-innovative medical device for producing electric cell signaling energy waves (EST and ESI). The system is used to successfully treat circulatory issues, all types of acute and chronic pain, long-term (intractable) pain and drug-resistant pain. The neoGEN-Series® also offers specific-parameter signaling for efficacious neuro-muscular reeducation, muscle strengthening and relaxation of muscle spasm activity.  Read a white paper about Electrical Signal Therapy

A key difference with this treatment is the use of Therapuetic Local Block Injections

Most programs require 24 treatments, 2-3 times per week. 

Electrical Signal Treatment is covered by Medicare and most commercial insurances.  The treatment is subject to your contracted copay, coinsurance and deducibles with your insurance plan.

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EST can not be used if  you have the following:

  • Thrombophiebitis
  • Manifest thrombosis
  • Cardiac demand pacemaker
  • Acute danger of hemorrhage
  • Disturbances in cardia rhythm
  • Epilepsy
  • Trans-thoracic applications
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