What’s Behind Your Tingling Toes?

Spring is here. Friday, March 20, 2015, marks the spring equinox and the official start to the spring season. This season is known as a time of rebirth, when plants come back after winter. In Texas, it’s also full of comfortable weather before the hot days of summer roll around. It’s a great time to enjoy being active outdoors. Just be careful if you develop tingling, pins-and-needles sensations in your lower limbs. Not only is this uncomfortable, it can be a sign of bigger problems. Tingling toes can be caused by many different things, and identifying your cause can help you treat it.

Tingling in the feet and toes can be mild or severe, just like the possible underlying causes. Some are more serious than others. Typically, though, tingling toes are related to nerve or circulation issues. Here are a few of the most common possible sources of an uncomfortable tingling sensation in your lower limbs:

Taking care of tingling toes does mean identifying the underlying problem so it can be treated. As with any potential nerve issues, the sooner the problem is dealt with, the better it is for your feet. Let Dr. Darren Silvester and our team at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic in Pleasanton, TX, help you mange any foot discomfort. Use our online request form or call (830) 569-3338 to make an appointment with us.

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