Top 5 Tips for Great Home Pedicures

It’s summer, so you want your feet looking their best when you’re out walking around downtown Pleasanton in your favorite open-toed shoes or sandals. With all the warnings and problems that have resulted from salon pedicures, though, you may wonder how to care for your feet. You may even wonder if pampering them is really worth it. Pedicures aren’t all bad—in fact, pampering your hard-working lower limbs can help keep them healthy and problem-free. While more and more salons employ safe practices, home pedicures remain a safe alternative.

Of course, you still have to be careful with these pedicures. You can nick yourself or do something incorrectly and create problems just as easily as anyone in a salon. If you don’t keep your tools clean, either, you could still expose your toes to infectious agents. However, if you’re careful, treating your toes at home can be a great way to invest in your foot health.

Here are a few tips for trying pedicures at home:

Trim your nails straight across so the sides and edges stay intact. Then, file the edges smooth with an emery board. Gently rub your feet with a pumice stone to scrub away excess dead skin, then rinse your feet. Moisturize your whole foot, paying extra attention to your heels. Rub ointment into your nails and cuticles, too—but avoid putting it between your toes. When you apply color, use a clear base coat first to prevent dark polishes from staining your nails. Never cut or clip cuticles or skin, as this could expose your feet to infections.

Home pedicures can be a great way for you to establish healthy foot care habits and keep your lower limbs looking great. If you’re not sure how to do any of these techniques safely, or you have diabetes and need extra care, let Dr. Darren Silvester at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic know. We are more than happy to help. Don’t forget that we also carry nail polish in our office- polish that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and prevents fungus! All you need to do is ask to see our color collection at your next appointment. Call (830) 569-3338 or use our online request page to reach our Pleasanton, TX, office.


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