How to Support Flat Feet Be Supportive: Tips for Painful Flat Feet

Survival guides make good tools. They’re packed full of information about things you can use or eat while you’re in the wilderness, and just what you need to survive when you’re away from ordinary civilization. You can get “fun” survival guides, too, like guides for major events—or even fictional ones, like the zombie apocalypse. Sometimes it would be nice to have a survival guide for painful problems like flat feet, so you know just how to take care of yourself.

Well, fortunately you don’t need a big guide book to get help for painfully flat feet. There are lots of ways you can reduce or eliminate the pressure on your low arches, and they aren’t complicated. Here are a few of the best ways to better support your arches and lower limbs over all:

Get Orthotics – These custom inserts support your feet exactly where you need it, so your feet have the cushion and stabilization they need to absorb shock and handle pressure.

Wear Better Shoes – Sometimes simply wearing shoes with an arch and cushioned sole can make a big difference for alleviating pain.

Stretch it Out – Sometimes flat feet also have tight, shortened tendons. Stretching can alleviate pressure on your foot.

Power Up – Strengthening exercises build your foot muscles and help your lower limbs better support themselves.

Strong, flexible, well-supported feet are better equipped to handle the stresses and pressures of your daily activities and any sports. The better you take care of your lower limbs, too, the less likely you’ll develop additional overuse problems that can be connected to flat or fallen arches.

Remember, you don’t have to scramble around with painful flat feet. While you don’t need a guidebook to take care of them, either, one certainly doesn’t hurt—which is why we have our free book Why Do My Feet Hurt and What Can I Do about It? available for you. You can also use our website or call (830) 569-3338 to make an appointment with Dr. Darren Silvester at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic to take care of your foot pain today.

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