The Next Step Difference: Orthotics


Need Custom Orthotics?  Choose Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic:

Price and options:

At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic we have tried very hard to keep the cost of our orthotics down.  Tragically, we see patients who have gone to retail stores and purchased over-the-counter arch supports for  $1500 or more. This is really sad because the patient has not seen a doctor, receives a device that is off the shelf and not customized to their foot, and in most cases is less than adequate at controlling their symptoms.  They are out $1500 and there is no recourse. Our orthotics cost $450. This is one of the lowest prices in the San Antonio area. However, we are aware that is still a significant investment. So if that is undoable, we offer over-the-counter alternatives that are much less expensive and top quality.


Value and quality:

Our orthotics are made based on a custom mold of your foot.  Also an examination is performed to see what deformities need to be accommodated and what compensation needs to be made to accommodate these problems.  Based on that, a customized prescription is then generated by the physician to match your needs. This allows us to dispense the device that in 90% of the cases fits extremely well and controls the foot and the symptoms.  In about 10% of the cases a simple adjustment as that is needed.


We stand behind our devices:

If modifications need to be made we usually can make them here in the office.  But if more advanced modifications are needed we certainly are willing to send them back to the laboratory for re-fabrications. 

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