The Next Step Difference: Numbness in Feet


Choose Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic If You Have Numbness in Your Feet:

That’s what we do:

Every clinic has certain specialties that they provide exceptional care in those fields.  At The Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic nerve pathology is one of if not the major focus of the clinic.  We provide patients with nerve pathology in the lower extremity more options than any other place in south Texas.  Below are just a partial list of some of the things we can provide:

  • Diagnostic testing: We used advanced sweat test to evaluate small fiber neuropathy probably before you are aware you have.
  • Comprehensive clinical examination: Most doctors neurologic exam of the lower extremity is limited to reflex exam.  We provide sensation exam, pain perception, proprioception, sharp dull sensation, light touch, dermatome, and peripheral nerve zone examination to try and detect where the problem lies.
  • Nutritional support: Most physicians are unaware that nutritional support can be extremely helpful for nerve pathologies.  In fact, many clinical studies have proven that they are more effective then prescription medications that are frequently prescribed for nerve pain and numbness.
  • Prescription medications when needed: There is nothing wrong with feeling better.  Therefore we use prescription medications when needed
  • Electrical Nerve Signal Therapy: We have invested a great machine to help patients with nerve pain get better.  This nerve rehabilitation protocol is very effective in helping patients improve their symptoms in the vast majority of cases.
  • Laser therapy: Laser therapy is been shown to regrow nerves and increased nerve velocity.  We have the MLS laser which is one of the most advanced lasers on the marketed for this problem.
  • Surgery when needed: In a recent review of the number of surgeries we perform in our clinic almost half of them are nerve surgeries.  Because of years of practice and expertise, we can provide patients with relief with surgery if needed that is hard to come elsewhere.
  • Balance support: We provide a comprehensive balance program including devices to be worn that substantially decrease the risk of a fall.

So if you have numbness in your foot or legs and is causing you problems please call us at The Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic:   210-375-3318

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