The Next Step Difference: Neuropathy


Why you should choose Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic if you have Neuropathy. 


Most patients who receive the diagnosis of Neuropathy are told the following: 

  1. Neuropathy is not reversible and there is nothing that can be done to treat nerve pathology.
  2. Your nerve pathology will continue to worsen over time.
  3. The only treatment available is medication--Gabapentin, Lyrica or Cymbalta plus a few others.  (Even though these medications are available, they do nothing to treat the nerve pathology-- all they do is minimize the symptoms-- make the nerves feel better while they die.)
  4. You should learn to live with the condition. 

We Disagree.


We are Neuropathy Specialists

Most podiatrists finish their medical residency program having completed very few, if any, nerve surgeries.  Specialized training is needed to successfully treat peripheral nerve disease. Dr. Bills and Dr. Silvester have completed additional trainings. We are the experts and we’ve got you covered.


A Better Way to Treat Neuropathy 


Nutritional Support: There is substantial published evidence in medical journals that support the use of certain nutrients to help the nerves heal.  The studies have shown these supplements to be more effective at controlling pain than Gabapentin or Lyrica or Cymbalta. The supplements are relatively inexpensive, readily available, and are usually easily tolerated by patients.  Remarkably, most doctors are not even aware of these nutritional tools that can be used to help patients with nerve


Electrical Nerve Signal Therapy: This is cutting edge regenerative technology that shows fairly remarkable results in about 70-80% of our patients.  There are several published studies that demonstrate nerve regrowth, more rapid nerve conduction, and significant decreases in pain using this modality.  We invest heavily in the latest technology, and educate our staff with specialized training to apply this modality to patients.


Balance Issues due to Neuropathy: A serious problem associated with Neuropathy is the risk of falling. Normally, this issue is what drives patients to seek help from a medical professional. At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, we have access to tools that can truly help lower your risk of falling.


MLS Robotic Laser therapy: Frequently, we use laser therapy to help our patients with Neuropathy.  This dramatically decreases healing time, decreases pain and helps nerves regenerate.  Many studies show an 80% success rate treating neuropathic pain with laser therapy.


Surgical Nerve Decompression: The nerves to the feet in some people with Neuropathy are up to twice as large as healthy nerves. In certain spots along the nerves, there are tight tunnels that compress the enlarged nerves causing numbness, burning and pain. By surgically releasing these tunnels the nerve function can be restored in many patients. Some of the surgeries can be performed with very minimal interruption in a patient’s activities of daily living.  Not everyone is a candidate for surgery, but many people are. Taking pressure off nerves with surgery can dramatically decrease the pain, numbness, and risk of future foot ulcers and significantly increase the patient’s balance.  

There is hope.  Let us help you find relief from Neuropathy.  

At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, we have a better way to treat Neuropathy.  There is relief from the pain caused by Neuropathy that is so debilitating in your everyday life. Please give us a call and let us help you get better.  We cannot help everyone, but there are a high number of patients that have done very well with their Neuropathy under our care.

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