The Next Step Difference: Morton’s Neuroma


Morton’s Neuroma: Why You Should Choose Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic

We take the time to make the right diagnosis:

Neuroma pain can be mimicked by several other things.  Only a careful clinical exam and possibly ultrasound exam can adequately rule out other or additional diagnoses.  This clinical exam may include diagnostic injections, taping of toes, and other mechanical offloading techniques to make the correct diagnosis.


Conservative care usually works:

Neuromas can often be treated with conservative care such as steroid injections, arch supports, wider softer shoes, and oral medication.  We can offer all of these things on the initial visit. Quite frankly, it is rare that a patient doesn’t get nearly completely better after just one visit.


Alternative therapies:

Because we have invested in top quality equipment we can offer alternative therapies such as Shockwave Therapy and MLS Laser therapy, which have been shown to be effective alternatives to traditional treatment for neuromas.


Many surgical options… if necessary:

We offer Minimally Invasive Neuroma Surgery through very small incisions.  This can be significant for the patient who wants to return to work right away.  If minimally invasive surgery should fail, we also are experts in open peripheral nerve surgery.  We offer several surgical options if needed. These include nerve decompression procedures, nerve resection procedures, and distal nerve denervation procedures.  We can pick the right procedure for you. Most physicians offer only one treatment for neuromas if surgery is being considered.

At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, our experienced podiatrists walk you through a comprehensive foot and ankle exam with advanced diagnostic technology to ensure a correct diagnosis is made. Once our podiatrists are certain you have a neuroma, we offer the best conservative treatments to relieve your foot pain.  

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