The Next Step Difference: Plantar Warts


Choose Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic If You Have a Plantar Wart:

The right diagnosis:

It is surprising how many people come in stating that they have a plantars wart when they don’t.  There are certain characteristics that plantar warts have that other lesions on the bottom of the foot don’t.  That doesn’t mean we can’t help you with the other lesions. All it means is that making the right diagnosis certainly helps prescribing a treatment plan.


Versatility in treatment options:

Plantar warts are not an emergency.  They can be treated in lots of different ways.  Some of these ways can be very minimally invasive and allow a young person to continue participating in sports without any significant interruption.  These treatments can also be nearly entirely painless. They may take some time but they can be effective. Others can be more aggressive and have a quicker resolution of the problem but cause some limitations in the short term.  So based on what you’re needs are, we can prescribe a treatment plan that will be appropriate for you. There are even some oral treatments that we use occasionally in stubborn warts. So don’t worry, your input will be important to help we address this problem.


Advanced therapies available.

Treating warts with injectables, laser therapy, electrical hyfrecation and other lesion destruction modalities are available at our clinic.  So if the standard treatments aren’t being successful, rest assured we have more “bullets in the gun”.

So if you think you have a plantar wart, please give us a call at the next step foot and ankle clinic and let us help you: 210-375-3318

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