The Next Step Difference: Ingrown Toenail


Why you should choose Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic for Ingrown Toenail treatment!


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic for Ingrown Toenail Treatment….

  1. Same Day Appointment usually available for Infected Ingrown Toenails (Red, Swollen, Discharge)
  2. Get it fixed permanently on the first visit!
  3. 5 Techniques for nearly Painless Numbing Injections
  4. 2 Proven Methods to Stop Ingrown Toenails from Coming Back.  Most clinics only use one or none. 
  5. Quickly Resume Normal Activities.  The next day in most cases.  


What do most people fear when they have an ingrown toenail?

Pain.  Everyone has heard nightmare stories about getting an ingrown toenail removed.  We have had people almost faint from fear when they first come to our office with an ingrown nail.  It can be very intimidating to get an injection in your toe to make it numb. Keep reading. We do it almost painlessly. 

Limited activity after nail surgery: This is a little less of a fear,  but some people want to go back to work or back to school right away and they’re afraid to have anything done to the toenail that will limit their activity afterwards.   Most of our patients return to normal shoes and activity the next day. Open-toed or loose fitting shoes are most comfortable, and limit activity to what is tolerated.

Recurrence: One of the fears with an ingrown toenail is that they come back.  Many people have had nail procedures performed and then a month later the ingrown toenail is back.  This is miserable. We use techniques that, in most cases, assure the ingrown nail does not come back.   The good news is you keep most of your nail. Just the ingrown part is removed.  


What Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic does differently to address these fears?

Less Pain: First, we use 5 different techniques with every injection for ingrown toenails.  I want to keep them a secret. But the bottom line is that many patients have minimal or no pain with the injection.  And practically every patient has less pain during the injection than they expect. Second, we try to emphasize empathy here at the practice.  So... if you have concerns or fears, we promise to listen to you.  But in general, you will be surprised at how little pain you have with the injection (in most cases).  Of course not everyone is the same, but in general our patients do really well.

Very limited down time: We tell our patients that generally the nail feels better the next day after removing the nail.  It’s like stepping on a tack. The tack hurts until you pull it out. It’s the same with the toenail.  Of course you need to be careful for a few days because it is a surgery. Open-toed shoes or loose fitting shoes will be most comfortable for a few days. But in general you can pursue activities of daily living without any problem.

Lower Recurrence: Most family doctors and new practitioners perform what is called a nail avulsion.  This is simply removing the nail plate that is ingrown. This almost universally results in recurrence if the nail is severely ingrown.  Most foot doctors destroy the root with a chemical. This actually makes the recurrence rate significantly lower. At the Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic, we not only use the chemical method to kill the root but we also use another technique  on every ingrown toenail to decrease the odds of recurrence. (Don’t worry-- you still keep most of your nail, only the ingrown part is removed). We have seen a decrease in the recurrence rate, as well as a more rapid healing with this technique.  Almost no one else uses this one-two punch technique because the machine that helps us do this was very expensive. At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, we believe it’s worth the extra investment to make the patient experience better.

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