The Next Step Difference: Hammertoes


Painful Hammertoes:  Why you should choose Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic.

Hammertoes are a pain in the foot.  They rub on your shoes, they get calluses, they feel funny when you walk, you may not like the way they look, and they  just generally hurt. But this can easily be fixed and you can have normal looking toes and be back in shoes in 3 days.  Sounds incredible doesn’t it…. But read on: 


Run from Traditional Hammertoe Surgery!!!

Traditional surgeries for hammertoes are scary.  They involve cutting the toe open, removing bone, implanting metal devices or pins.  Sometimes the pins are left sticking out of the ends of toes for three to five weeks.  Sometimes the hardware is left inside the toe for the life of the patient. These surgeries are painful, require a long recovery, and oftentimes lead to toes that are too straight, too swollen, or too stiff or too floppy.  Everyone has heard horror stories about hammertoe surgery.  


Choose Minimally Invasive Hammertoe Surgery at Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic: 

Our podiatrists are experts in minimally invasive surgery techniques.  95% of our hammertoe surgeries are performed with a minimally invasive technique. This technique involves the use of local anesthetic, and a needle--nothing else. This procedure can be performed in a few minutes. 


Back in Shoes in 3 Days

The procedure is performed with a needle. A dressing is applied. The patient leaves the dressing on for 3 days.  Once the patient removes the dressing they are generally able to wear regular shoes as long as they are not too tight.  They return to normal activities for the most part. The toe feels bruised for a few weeks in some cases. No pins or hardware are generally needed.  Occasionally some splinting is necessary and very rarely additional surgery is required.


Normal Appearance of Toes

The biggest advantage of minimally invasive hammertoe surgery that we have observed, besides the much shorter recovery, is a more natural appearance of the toe after surgery.  The toe assumes its correct clinical alignment in most cases. Your toes just look normal. No scar is seen. The length of the toe remains normal. This usually results in a very cosmetically pleasing appearance.  

Rarely bone work may be needed.  If such is the case that can also be done with minimally invasive technique.   The recovery is a little longer because you have to wait for bones to heal. But the recovery of a minimally invasive technique is still usually much shorter than traditional hammertoe surgery.  

So if you have hammertoes and are considering fixing them call us at  Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic and find out how we can get you back on your feet quickly. 

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