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Foot Pain.  It happens to all of us at some point.  What you need to know is that Foot Pain is never normal--regardless of age or activity, it may be common but never normal.  Foot Pain is simply unacceptable.  

Foot Pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong.  It is usually true that the more severe the pain, the more serious the problem.  Do not wait until the problem becomes serious.  

You can find relief from the pain that is so debilitating in your everyday life.  Don't give up hope, there is relief and Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic can help! 

Whether you suffer from bone, skin, nail, or nerve problems, our office offers a full spectrum of podiatric treatments.

Ankle Pain

Your ankle is a network of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Strong enough to bear your body weight and enable you to move, your ankle can be prone to injury and pain.

You might feel the pain on the inside or outside of your ankle or along the Achilles tendon, which connects the muscles in your lower leg to your heel bone.

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Arthritis simply means inflammation of the joint.  There are over 100 types of arthritis and associated diseases but a few top the list and account for most of the problems people have in their feet.

Nerve Pain

In the last decade, I've seen firsthand the incidence of lower extremity nerve pain increasing as our general population continues to age. Many patients say they have been told that nothing can be done about their pain. Don't give up hope! You CAN find relief and we can help!

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Heel and Arch Pain

Many people have surrendered to the fact that pain in their heels and arches will be a part of their life forever. It greets them in the morning as soon as their feet hit the floor and sends them to bed with a throbbing ache.

At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, we want you to know that pain is not something that you need to live with! Our cutting edge treatment and therapy can help you look forward to pain-free mornings and days that are not plagued with hurting feet. Visit our Heel and Arch Pain page to read more about how Dr. Silvester and the Next Step family can erase your pain for good!

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Flat Feet

Flat feet can cause your feet huge amounts of pain if not addressed. Let Dr. Silvester of Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic help get you on the road to recovery!

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Foot, ankle and toe deformities may be congenital or caused by trauma, injury or fracture.  

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Toe Pain

Toe pain is a relatively common condition that affects a large number of individuals from time to time. It is worth paying attention to the slightest pain in the toes, as some of these conditions, if allowed to worsen, may easily result in restricted movement or limited mobility for the individual.


Any mole that seems to change from a regular bump to a large or unusually shaped one has a high risk for cancer. The key really is, then, to check your feet often for these changes.

Nail and Skin Care

Nearly everyone has had a run-in with an ingrown toenail, nail fungus, or other issue with the skin on their feet. While pain and discomfort can be a result, most people are simply embarrassed and frustrated that they cannot seem to make it “go away.”

If you are sick of unsightly nail fungus, or tired of irritated nail beds, the team at Next Step Foot & Ankle is here to help. If you are ready to say goodbye to the over-the-counter remedies that have failed you for years and say hello to beautiful, pain-free toes and feet, check out our page on nail and skin care today.

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Diabetic Foot Care

When you think of diabetes, you probably think about avoiding sugar and taking blood tests. If you’ve been diagnosed with the condition, however, you should also be thinking about your feet and ankles. Diabetes affects every area of your health, requiring constant monitoring. You have to manage your fluctuating blood sugar levels to prevent permanent damage to your internal organs, vision, nerves, and lower limbs. In fact, good diabetic foot care can be crucial for preventing severe, painful complications that could deteriorate into life-threatening infections or limb amputations.

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Sports Injuries

You see it often enough in games: athletes limping around or even laying on the ground, holding a foot or an ankle as their teammates take a respectful knee. Sports injuries can happen to anyone, from professionals to kids on recreational teams.


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