Score Stronger Limbs with Ankle Strengthening Exercises

Whether or not you care about soccer, it is hard to miss the World Cup news. The tournament quarter-finals are taking place this 4th of July weekend. While it may not be a conscious thought, every player in these games is counting on his ankles to hold up during these vital matches, to absorb shock and enable running and kicking. Your ankles are just as vital. If your joints are weak, you may need ankle strengthening to avoid injuries.

Strengthening your ankles benefits you in many ways. It can help prevent sprains and falls, especially as you get older. Exercises to improve them are easy to work into any daily routine.

It’s important to stretch the supporting tissues as well as build them up, so they don’t become too tight and lose their flexibility. If you struggle with these exercises, or notice any ankle joint pain, don’t push through it. Contact Dr. Darren Silvester at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic for ankle strengthening help. Call 210.428.4570 or use our online contact form to reach our Universal City or Pleasanton, TX, office for an appointment.

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