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Identifying Nerve Pain Through Diagnostic Injections

We use diagnostic & therapeutic injections as a valuable tool in a patient’s treatment to identify and resolve pain in their joints, ligaments, or nerves. You don't have to live with pain, burning sensations, restless legs, or inflammation.

Jan 11th, 2021
Ball of Foot Pain

There are many reasons why you could have pain on the ball of the foot. Like any foot pain, it’s best not to ignore it if it’s been present for at least a couple of weeks.

Dec 6th, 2018
We've Got Some Nerve!

At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, we've got some nerve and are ready to put the halt to nerve pain! There are many treatment options available for nerve pain and we want you to know that we have the very latest technologies available in our offices.

Jun 12th, 2018
Restless Leg Syndrome: The Junk Diagnosis

Few conditions in medicine are more mysterious than “Restless Leg Syndrome”. This is reflected in the name of the condition. The title 'Restless Leg Syndrome' is merely repeating to the patient what the patient described to the doctor.

Jul 25th, 2017
Do you have pain after foot and ankle or knee surgery?

One major cause of complications after surgery in the lower extremity is nerve entrapment (nerve compression) in or near the scar. This can be the cause of much frustration for the doctor and especially the patient.

Jul 12th, 2017
Got Ankle Pain???

It is estimated that 2 million Americans suffer from ankle injuries each year. 20% of all sports injuries are ankle injuries.

Sep 27th, 2016
The Dangers of Wearing Flat Flip Flops

As flip flop season ramps up, it's important to keep in mind that not all all of them are created equally, according to Vionic Innovation Lab expert and NYC podiatrist Dr. Jackie Sutera.

May 12th, 2016
14 Tips for Diabetic Foot Care

People with diabetes can develop many different foot problems. Even ordinary problems can get worse and lead to serious complications. Here are 14 tips to help keep your feet healthy for the next 75,000 miles.

Nov 18th, 2015
Why Diabetic Foot Wounds Heal Slowly

There are many reasons why people with diabetes who are suffering from foot wounds, or diabetic foot ulcers, may have trouble healing. These can be divided these into four different categories:

Nov 11th, 2015
Why Children Develop Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown nails may sometimes be thought of as a problem mostly faced by athletes and older adults, but the truth is it affects people of all ages, including children.

Oct 28th, 2015
Quick Test for Arch Type

Some people have feet that are flat as a pancake; others practically have their own mini-Gateway Arch lifting their midfoot high above the ground.

Oct 20th, 2015
What Causes Flat Feet in Later Life

Maybe you’ve had this experience: You walk out to your car in the morning before work, or in the parking lot on your way home, and your heart sinks when you see one of your wheels flush with the ground.

Oct 13th, 2015
Flat-Footed Kids? Don’t Worry

As parents, we obsess over every step our little ones make—that’s natural and normal. One thing that many parents quickly recognize, and are often troubled by, is how their kids’ arches look as flat as Bryant Street outside our Pleasanton office.

Oct 1st, 2015
Child's Flat Feet

As parents, we obsess over every step our little ones make—that’s natural and normal. One thing that many parents quickly recognize, and are often troubled by, is how their kids’ arches look as flat as Bryant Street outside our Pleasanton office.

Oct 1st, 2015
How to Support Flat Feet

Survival guides make good tools. They’re packed full of information about things you can use or eat while you’re in the wilderness, and just what you need to survive when you’re away from ordinary civilization.

Sep 22nd, 2015
How Children's Shoes Should Fit

The school year has started again. Students of all ages have loaded up their backpacks to walk the halls of academia for another year.

Sep 9th, 2015
How You Could Snap Your Achilles

Suspension bridges are pretty neat structures, using the tension in strong cables to hold them up. These supports are designed to handle significantly heavy weight, of course.

Aug 24th, 2015
Bony Bumps on the Top of your Feet could be Bone Spurs

Sometimes detective work is exactly what you need to diagnose a foot issue. Problems like a bony bump on the top of the foot could be many different things. Following the “clues” helps you get an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment.

Aug 17th, 2015
Don’t Leave Your Sports Recovery to Chance

Sports teams know better than to rely on chance to help them win. Whether it’s football, soccer, basketball, or even tennis, you can’t rely on good luck to get you by. It’s possible that your opponents will mess up, allowing you to take control and win.

Aug 10th, 2015
Ways to Build Up Your Ankles

Social dancing is a great way to mix it up when you’re looking for new ways to be active, have fun, and meet people. San Antonio has many different studios where you can learn swing, Latin, ballroom, and all sorts of other types of social dance.

Aug 3rd, 2015
Feet Need Therapists—Physical Therapists, That Is

Even professionals, like Texas Rangers’ player Kyle Blanks, go down with lower limb injuries sometimes. Blanks developed tendonitis in both Achilles tendons—but you can bet he has a therapy team working to get him back into shape!

Jul 27th, 2015
So You Have Flat Feet—Do You Need Orthotics?

Down here in Texas, we hear a lot of complaints of sore, flat feet. Most people’s feet flatten as they age, and that can result in pain and discomfort, especially for those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Jul 20th, 2015
Foot Problems Associated with Pregnancy

Most moms-to-be wouldn’t trade the experience of carrying their growing, beautiful child for anything in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Jul 8th, 2015
Orthotics for Foot Pain

In places like San Antonio, it’s always nice to find beautiful areas for walking, hiking, and otherwise enjoying nature. A stroll through the San Antonio Botanical Gardens Trail is perfect for this.

Jul 6th, 2015
Walking Prepared: What Orthotics Are Good For

If you plan to be out during the day, of course, you always want to go prepared. This means bringing water, protecting yourself from the sun, and, yes, even considering your foot support.

Jul 6th, 2015
Tips to Ease Your Swelling Feet

Feet swell for many different reasons. Although often not serious, frequent swelling is often evidence of an underlying physical or medical condition.

Jun 30th, 2015
Can Your Rare Foot Condition Be Treated

When something is rare, it can be hard to maintain. Think of a vintage, foreign sports car, or any of the unique paintings in the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, or even many of the artifacts in Pleasanton’s own Longhorn Museum.

Jun 24th, 2015
Diagnosing Rare Foot Conditions

Bigfoot sightings pop up every now and again and send people everywhere out looking. People spend ages camping out and watching, but nobody ends up with anything better than a fuzzy photo.

Jun 19th, 2015
Key Tips for Getting a Safe Pedicure

Hot summer weather means sandal season, and sandal season means showing off your feet—not just your toes, but also your dried out, cracking heels and callused soles.

Jun 8th, 2015
Avoiding Black Toenails for Runners

June is Great Outdoors Month to encourage you to find time to go out and enjoy the world around you. June in Pleasanton, TX, is pretty hot, of course, so spending lots of time outside may not sound very appealing.

Jun 4th, 2015
Choosing the Best Walking Shoes

Are you wearing the right walking shoes, though? Okay, it seems like a silly question, but the style and quality of your shoes can have a big effect on keeping your feet happy and healthy. 

May 26th, 2015
Tips to Improve Your Balance

Try these tips to improve your balance, and stop in to see Dr. Darren Silvester at Next Step Foot and Ankle in Universal City for a free fall risk assessment.

May 20th, 2015
Runners, Avoid a Sprained Ankle

Running shouldn’t be the source of an injury if you can prevent it. Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, offers tips to prevent ankle sprains.

May 7th, 2015
Steps to Care for a Sprained Ankle

Not treating your sprained ankle properly is like refusing to patch a flat, leaky tire. Sure, you can fill the tire up with air repeatedly and drive for a little while.

Apr 22nd, 2015
Checking for Neuropathy Pain at Home

Nothing compares to a medical examination, but these tips from Dr. Darren Silvester may give you a clue as to whether you have neuropathy in your feet.

Apr 14th, 2015
Exercises to Improve an Unsteady Gait

Sometimes exercises and physical therapy can improve your walking. Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, explains exercises that help an unsteady gait.

Apr 6th, 2015
Tarsal Tunnel Stretches for Pain

Sometimes stretches can help alleviate nerve pain from tarsal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, describes some you can try.

Mar 24th, 2015
What’s Behind Your Tingling Toes?

Tingling in your toes can have many different causes, some of which are more serious than others. Dr. Darren Silvester describes a few common causes.

Mar 17th, 2015
No-Joke Flatfoot Treatment Options

Struggling with persistent, painful flat feet and wondering what could help? Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, explains your treatment options.

Mar 11th, 2015
Treatment Options for Flat Feet

Struggling with persistent, painful flat feet and wondering what could help? Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, explains your treatment options.

Mar 11th, 2015
Surgery for Flat Feet

Surgery is a big step, but it in some cases it’s the right one. Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, describes when flatfoot surgery is right for you.

Mar 3rd, 2015
Top Treatments for Shin Splints

Shin splints can keep you from running, but the right care can eliminate the pain. Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton describes a few treatments.

Feb 23rd, 2015
Build Stronger Bones with Exercising

Exercising can make your bones stronger and less likely to break. Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, describes how exercises can help bone health.

Feb 9th, 2015
Healthy Toenails Need Vitamins, Too!

Want shiny, beautiful, healthy nails? Check out your vitamins! Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, explains how vitamins impact nail health.

Feb 6th, 2015
Home Care for Bunion Pain

Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic understands that toe pain makes it tough to get started on New Year resolutions, but home care options exist for bunion pain.

Jan 5th, 2015
Symptoms of Foot Infections

Whether big or small, foot infections can cause real problems. Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, describes signs of infection to watch for.

Jan 5th, 2015
A New Year to Start Running

Ever wanted to start running? It’s not as hard as you may think, and now’s a great time. Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, offers beginning tips.

Jan 2nd, 2015
At-Home Spa Tips for Holiday Pampering

Want to treat your feet but don’t want the hassle of finding a safe nail salon? Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, describes at-home spa care.

Dec 22nd, 2014
Prompt First Aid for Ankle Sprains

If you’re an athlete at any age, you need to know first aid for ankle sprains. Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, explains how to care for them.

Dec 11th, 2014
Know Your Pain: Ankle Sprain vs Fracture

Ankle sprains and fractures can happen the same way, so they’re hard to tell apart. Dr. Darren Silvester in Universal City, TX, discusses their differences.

Dec 3rd, 2014
Your Tendonitis Could Really Be Bursitis

Pain in the back of your ankle could be caused by several different conditions. Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic in Texas explains how each causes discomfort.

Oct 28th, 2014
Tips and Tricks for Preventing Blisters

Struggling with blisters when you’re running or working out? Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, has tips and tricks to help you prevent the sores.

Sep 23rd, 2014
How to Check for Charcot Foot

Associated with diabetes, Charcot foot can lead to severe deformity and even amputation according to Dr. Darren Silvester of Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic.

Sep 16th, 2014
5 Toe Exercises to Rehab High Arches

Struggling with toe side effects because of high arches? Dr. Darren Silvester in Universal City, TX discusses exercises to help relieve your discomfort.

Sep 8th, 2014
When Diabetic Feet Get Sick

Your feet can develop infections like anywhere else on your body. Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, discusses a particularly dangerous one.

Aug 25th, 2014
Common Risk Factors for Bone Spurs

Common foot issues can lead to development of bone spurs. Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, discusses your risk factors for spur development.

Aug 21st, 2014
No Excuses Needed for a Foot Massage

A foot massage can relieve soreness and help your feet relax! Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, discusses how to massage your own feet.

Jul 17th, 2014
Top 5 Tips for Great Home Pedicures

Worried about visiting a salon, but wanting to keep your feet looking nice this summer? Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, offers home pedicure tips.

Jul 11th, 2014
An Overview of Heel Pain

Discover what's causing your heel pain along with possible treatment options. Dr. Silvester of Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic is here to help.

Jun 25th, 2014
How to Use Taping to Prevent Blisters

Blisters hurt, but Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, discusses how using tape in high-friction spots can help prevent the sores from developing.

Jun 20th, 2014
Find the Right Shoes for Overpronation

If you overpronate, there are right and wrong shoes for your feet. Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX understands how to help you find the right kind.

Apr 21st, 2014
Big Toe Joint Pain | Joint Problems

Pain in the joint of your big toe can be discouraging. Dr. Silvester in Universal City, TX discusses common causes of big toe pain and its treatments.

Nov 14th, 2013