Walking Prepared: What Orthotics Are Good For

In places like San Antonio, it’s always nice to find beautiful areas for walking, hiking, and otherwise enjoying nature. A stroll through the San Antonio Botanical Gardens Trail is perfect for this. If you plan to be out during the day, of course, you always want to go prepared. This means bringing water, protecting yourself from the sun, and, yes, even considering your foot support. This is especially important if you have flat feet or some other biomechanical issue that predisposes you to sore lower limbs. This is when using orthotics can make a difference for your comfort and your mobility.

Orthotics can be confusing. Plenty of over-the-counter inserts claim to be custom-designed for specific needs, but they’re vastly different from actual custom orthotics prescribed by a foot specialist. People disagree about how helpful either type of insert is, too. Some swear by them, while others aren’t sure they do much of anything. All of this can be confusing and lead to big questions, including “what are orthotics good for, anyway?”

Orthotics are beneficial for a wide variety of lower limb concerns. This is because they change how your foot strikes the ground. They help your feet absorb shock and distribute weight through the lower limbs. This is a good thing, but if your orthotic inserts don’t fit properly, they can cause more trouble. When they work, however, they’re able to alleviate many types of foot pain.

One of the most common reasons people look for orthotics is to help with flat feet. Abnormally low arches don’t absorb shock well, and they can stress on the heels, ankles, and legs. Custom orthotics stabilize the midfoot and help you absorb shock better. A little extra cushioning or support can make a difference for other issues, too, like ball of the foot pain, heel discomfort, and even shin splints.

Not everyone needs orthotics, and some people can get away with over the counter inserts rather than prescription supports. If you struggle with sore feet, especially when you spend time standing or walking, you might need a little extra support. Let Dr. Darren Silvester and our whole team at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic in Pleasanton, TX, help you find the best fit for your foot needs, so you’re always prepared to enjoy your activities. Call (830) 569-3338 to make an appointment with us.


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