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Sometimes, you just need to laugh. Humor is great for your body. It stretches and works muscles, increases our oxygen intake, decreases stress, and may even help lower pain. March is International Mirth Month, so if you ever needed an excuse to watch a comedy movie or find tickets for a stand-up comedian, now is a great time. Of course, when you have flatfoot pain and even normal activities hurt, finding something to laugh about can sometimes be hard. While it’s true that arch pain is no joke, you have many flatfoot treatment options available, from conservative care to reconstructive surgery.

Flat feet are common and don’t cause pain for everyone. For the people they do bother, however, they can create some serious discomfort and difficulty participating in activities. Fortunately, there’s more than one way to approach the pain. You have several different flatfoot treatment options.

Conservative care is always the first choice. You don’t want to have to go through surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. In most cases, people just need more foot support to alleviate the pressure your flat arch is dealing with. Changing your shoes is one easy treatment. Avoid high heels and footwear with super-flat soles, since these can add to the stress on your midfoot. Custom orthotics are another option, especially if shoes changes aren’t enough. These prescription inserts can even correct biomechanical problems. Sometimes stretching and strengthening makes a difference for your discomfort as well.

Surgery, however, is another valuable option—if you actually need it. Some people do. Conservative care doesn’t always work. You might benefit from a flatfoot reconstruction if your pain impairs your independence and makes it difficult to complete normal daily activities. The procedure becomes an option if your pain is not only persistent, but doesn’t resolve with conservative methods after several months of trying.

HyproCure Center of Excellence

Fortunately, an exciting new treatment has come to Texas, and Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic has been named a Center of Excellence in its use. The treatment, known as HyProCure, is a highly effective surgical procedure that realigns your ankle with your heel bones with a small titanium stent. In just a few weeks, patients can walk normally, and tendons, ligaments and bones adapt to your corrected ankle position.

What you do for your flatfoot discomfort will ultimately be up to you and your team of specialists here at Next Step Foot & Ankle. Dr. Darren Silvester and our staff are happy to walk you through your choices and decide what’s best for feet. Contact our Pleasanton, TX, office for an appointment today by calling (830) 569-3338.


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