As podiatrists, we love helping athletes achieve their peak form and reach their physical goals. The typical athlete will at some point in their athletic career, deal with some kind of foot and/or ankle issue. Whether it be fungus, ingrown toenails, broken toes/ankles, ankle sprains, Achilles Tendon issues, heel pain, blisters or sores, callouses, or even painful warts–we have a full arsenal of treatments to get an athlete back to dominating their sport.

Personally, treating athletes has always been a highlight of my career. An athlete pushes personal and physical limits and requires strength of both mind and body to conquer barriers. Having been a collegiate athlete myself, I know that feet often go unchecked and sometimes lack the necessary maintenance to maximize an athlete’s efforts to perform. 

Treating Athletes

As foot & ankle specialists, our training and experience range from treating the common ingrown toenail and athletes’ foot to total reconstructive ankle surgery and trauma. We help athletes by providing guidance in proper shoe gear such as size, proper fit & support, and style for the intended purpose. With our training and experience, we can help identify foot types such as flat feet or high arches which can help avoid major injuries and issues that are related to an athlete’s foot structure. We use state-of-the-art equipment to develop custom orthotics as well as surgical techniques to correct structural deformities that inhibit performance or can lead to debilitating deformities if not addressed.

We advise proper foot care such as cleanliness (moisture vs dryness), nail care, proper taping, and bandaging for minor injuries. We can help athletes decide when to take a break and how to recover from more moderate injuries, as well as assess and treat major injuries. Athletes are more prone to high-impact injuries which can lead to lasting issues like chronic pain, ankle instability, or post-traumatic arthritis.Treating Athletes

Knowing your feet can be an indispensable tool to keep you in peak performance. At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, we keep your active lifestyle in mind and are eager to help you properly correct any problems so that you can get you back to enjoying the sports you love.

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Treating Athletes


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