The “Big Bad Wolf” of foot conditions is Toenail Fungus. Yes, Big, Bad, Loud, Ugly and a whole lot of other unappealing words. Nothing motivates people to seek our expertise as much as toenail fungus. Our experience indicates that the embarrassment of fungus even trumps foot pain when it comes to seeking our medical advice. That being said, most people still wait too long before consulting with us.

For this “Big Bad Wolf” to be tamed, a minute can’t be wasted on imposter over-the-counter remedies. We know you have no idea how difficult it is to eliminate this condition without a specific plan of attack. Our goal isn’t only to educate you about how we can help you get clear nails again but also help you avoid wasting money. Literally billions of dollars could be saved by not buying OTC anti-fungal products for toenails.

toenail fungus

Squashing the “Big Bad Wolf” takes a disciplined approach of focusing on not just the nails but the skin and the shoes. Most people who have toenail fungus have a dry version of Athlete’s Foot on the bottom of their feet. Also, shoes harbor many germs, one of which is fungus in some cases. When we treat the nails we also recommend a product for the skin and the shoes. The chance of success is incredibly higher when we follow this comprehensive approach.

We’d like eliminating toenail fungus to be as easy as applying a $20.00 product on your nails. Since it isn’t, the least we could do is help you understand how Big and Bad this “Wolf” is. Toenail Fungus may not be painful, but it certainly causes embarrassment. We have the means to change that if you decide you want the “Big Bad Wolf” out of your life.

For more information about Toenail Fungus, listen to Dr. Silvester and Dr. Larsen discuss the condition (what causes it, how it affects you, how we treat it, etc), here:


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