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If you or someone you know is experiencing foot pain when wearing certain shoes, please take time to read this article and learn more about the importance of choosing the right shoe, and the difference it could have on your lifestyle! We’ll even give you some shoe recommendations to help improve your day to day!


You can image in our field how common it is for us to get questions about shoes.

  • What brands are the best?
  • Is a particular brand better for me?
  • Is what the company is advertising about a particular brand really true?

These are just a few of the common ones. Although we do not endorse any one brand, we do have specific principles we follow.


Although it is easier now than ever to purchase shoes online or walk into a store and purchase without talking to anyone, it is definitely not for everyone. Getting your feet measured at least once a year is a good rule to follow. Studies have indicated that upwards of 75% of people are wearing the wrong size shoes. Our feet do change. There are many reasons for foot pain to occur but do not let it be from something that is avoidable.


Recommending athletic shoes is the easiest one for us. You typically cannot go wrong with brands like New Balance, Brooks, Asics and Hoka, just to name a few. That being said, some people are comfortable wearing a much less expensive brand. We feel the best shoes for you are the ones that make your feet feel good no matter the name or cost.


Hoka is an athletic brand that has gained popularity throughout the past few years. They are bulkier than most brands making them a little trickier to get used to. CAUTION: There have been cases of serious injury from people falling in these shoes. The quality of the brand may be worth taking some time learning to walk properly in them.


If you have to stand a good part of the day look for shoes with cushion, good arch support and heels that are somewhat raised. Since Plantar Fasciitis is so common, shoes with these specifications can help prevent it or make it hurt less. Standing or walking a ton in shoes that are flat and flimsy is not recommended for most people.

We are also often asked about sandals. There are many great brands. Birkenstock, Vionic, Clark and Keen are a few we have suggested. The brands with a deep heel seat rather than a flat heel and a nice arch will serve your feet best. We highly recommend a good supportive pair of sandals in the home for women who prefer to be shoeless but have foot pain such as plantar fasciitis. Being shoeless regularly on a hard surface such as the kitchen floor is not good for your feet.


Our feet are two of the most precious assets we have. Unlike a car or other parts of the body there are not replacement parts. Treating them as such, by investing in quality foot gear at all ages gives us the best chance. They will keep us mobile in our later years, when we need them most.

If you have tried switching to any of our shoe recommendations and are still experiencing foot pain, please click here to request an appointment with one of our experts! 





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