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cause of your hip, back or knee pain?

Believe it or not, your flat feet could be causing of your back, hip, or knee pain.

The doctors at Next Step Foot & Ankle clinic explain how your arches support your body and what options are available to you for correcting your flat feet. 

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Flat Feet Specialist

flat feet

treatment options

Once the team determines whether you have flat feet, they formulate a personalized treatment plan with you.

The muscles and tendons in your arch will need extra support for proper health and optimal use of your ankles and knees.


conservative treatment options

Flat feet don’t typically go away on their own, but some suggestions for correcting flat feet include:



Changing your shoes to more comfortable footwear and/or adding orthotic insoles to relieve the pressure on your ligament can help increase your elasticity and heal. 

We are the first and currently only provider in and around San Antonio that offers custom 3D orthotics with our FitStation by Hewlette Packard. Providing the doctors with more data points, such as your individual pressure points per your gait (way/manner in which you walk) in order to design a perfectly custom orthotic.



Click the video below to see how Dr. Silvester recommends stretches to help treat your Heel Pain. Stretching helps loosen your ligaments, increasing the elasticity and helping them heal.



Your health care professionals may also recommend weight loss for better distribution on your feet.



Although, at Next Step it is our goal to get you off pain medication, in extreme cases it may be necessary. 

Flat Feet Specialist

minimially invasive

treatment & surgery

for flat/misaligned feet


treatment & surgery options

Dr. Silvester and Dr. Larsen specialize in many advanced minimally and non-invasive treatments, and if necessaryadvanced minimally invasive and traditional surgical techniques with patient proven success stories.

Some of those are used to treat your flat feet, such as:

Orthotics and physical therapy make having flat feet more comfortable, but aren’t a cure. Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic is a Center of Excellence in HyProCure, a minimally invasive surgery for correcting flat feet.

Flat Feet Specialist

Your podiatrist uses a local anesthetic before performing a 20-minute in-office procedure in which your doctor realigns your bones using a titanium stent.

Sound's scarier than it is. You or your little one are awake and able to watch the entire thing. A simple local anesthetic, tiny little screw and a couple stiches and you're all set for recovery and healing. Flat Feet Specialist 

With HyProCure, your tendons, ligaments, and bones adapt to the correct position, relieving stress on your feet. After only a few short weeks, you can walk and return to your normal activities.

Click the video's below to hear from our very own, Dr. Silvester, himself and even a pediatric patient testimonial with getting the HyProCure procedure done to treat her flat feet.

Flat Feet Specialist

Take our quick quiz to see if your child might have flat feet:

Does my child have flat feet?

Flat feet can be a major problem for kids. Many people (some doctors included) think it is just something you have to live with. This is not the case.

So if you think your child is struggling with flat feet give us a call and let us discuss which options might be best for you and your child.

Dr. Silvester talks about flat feet in children and why we are the best choice to treat your children’s flat feet and help give them the active life, pain-free, they deserve!


Children with Flat/Misaligned Feet

cautionary signs to look for:

Some children may not be able to verbalize the symptoms they are experiencing, but parents can still spot signs of a problem with their child’s feet.

Check to see if your child exhibits any of the following behaviors (signs):

Flat Feet Specialist

Always wanting to be held

Your child wants to be held and carried longer/more often than other children, especially when walking.

Flat Feet Specialist

Avoiding physical activities

Your child avoids/resists normal physical activities, runs significantly slower and/or is less coordinated than other children.

Flat Feet Specialist

Shoelaces always coming untied

Your child shoelaces come untied more than normal due to the foot rolling inward at the ankle.

Flat Feet Specialist

Growing pains & pain in their legs

Your child experiences growing pains at bedtime and/or wakes up shortly after falling asleep from pain in their legs.

Flat Feet Specialist

Unusually over-weight

Your child is unusually over-weight, typically due to a lack in activity level.

Flat Feet Specialist

Collapsed arches or "too many toes syndrome"

Your child has collapsed arches, or "too many toes syndrome".


Patient Success Story

In this video, a young patient and mom share their success story with our minimally invasive procedure to fix flat/misaligned feet with HyProCure.

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