Low-Impact Exercises Keep You in Shape with Injuries

It happens to even the best athletes. It could be sudden—landing a jump incorrectly or tripping—or develop over time from overuse. However it happens, an injury can put a damper on any sports activities, whether competitive or just for fun. You don’t have to completely give up staying active or working out if you hurt your foot, though. Different low-impact exercises allow you to continue activities without compounding injuries to your feet.

Low-impact cardio and strength training are both excellent ways to keep up exercise and work your body without putting extra stress on the lower limbs. Cardio workouts focus on building your heart and lung capacity. Strength training is targeted at building muscle. Together these keep you in shape even with a foot injury. Here are a couple exercises for you to try:

Cardio – Swimming, biking, and rowing are three popular and easy routines that use your whole body, work your heart, and limit the stress on your feet. Other activities like water aerobics, tai chi, and yoga work very different muscles and may be especially good for those with joint problems or stiffness.

Strength – You can build muscle by working with free weights or machines at a gym, or by using your own body to create resistance. Squats, lunges, core workouts, and lower limb exercises like calf raises or balance motions, among others, can all work your muscles without over-straining your injured foot.

You don’t have to allow an injury to sideline you completely. You can stay in shape, even with a hurt foot, by cross training with low-impact exercises. If you’re struggling with a lower limb injury, or you’d like help establishing a foot-safe cardio or strength training program, just let Dr. Darren Silvester know at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic in Pleasanton, TX. You can reach us by calling (830) 569-3338 or submitting a request online.


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