ingrown toenails

5-step approach to a nearly painless toenail removal

One of the most common problems people face with their feet is ingrown toenails. Ranging from annoying to incredibly painful, ingrown toenails typically occur on the big toe. Ingrown nails occur when edges of the nail plate dig into the skin surrounding the nail, causing swelling, irritation, and even infection.  Read more about symptoms, complications and treatment of ingrown toenails.

In-Grown Toenails


treatment options

Most of the patients that come to see us with an ingrown toenail have been putting up with it for some time and just want it out of their lives. Some of them also have heard horror stories about the treatment of an ingrown toenail in a doctor’s office or emergency room.


Don’t be afraid. We have developed several techniques to make getting rid of your ingrown toenail a nearly painless experience.


Our doctors specialize in many advanced minimally and non-invasive treatments, and if necessary, advanced minimally invasive and traditional surgical techniques with patient proven success stories.

Some of those are used to treat your ingrown toenails, such as:

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At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic we do this procedure nearly every day and often many times a day. All this experience has taught us ways to get you through the experience without a lot of unnecessary pain or fuss. Also, most of the time, you end up with a toenail that looks almost entirely normal. This procedure is called a partial matricectomy. It is also usually a permanent solution to ingrown toenail problems.


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