In the most simplistic terms, the nerves in our body are responsible for feeling and moving. If there is a lack of feeling or too much feeling in a particular area, then nerves are involved. If a body part doesn’t move as it should, or if it moves too much, then nerves are likely involved. Often, what’s overlooked when there is an injury to the foot is the nerves.

An ankle sprain, dropping something on the foot, or a foot surgery, all have nerve involvement. A shoe that is laced too tightly can irritate a nerve on top of the foot. A foot that pronates, (arch turns inward) can pinch a nerve on the inside of the ankle. A foot that supinates, (arch turns upward) can pinch a nerve on the outside of the foot or ankle.

Numbness on the bottom of the foot is a common nerve condition often from Diabetes or a low back problem. Morton’s Neuroma is a common nerve condition near the 3rd and 4th toes. A Neuroma is a benign nerve tumor that develops for unknown reasons. When light touch to an area triggers pain, a nerve is likely irritated or inflamed.

How Nerves Can Affect You

Symptoms such as numbness, tingling, pins, and needles, burning, and sharpness are associated with nerve pain. Experiencing pain when you AREN’T on your feet could be from a nerve condition. If being barefoot or wearing sandals decreases the pain then a nerve could be involved.

Here’s what we really don’t like about nerve conditions…they can be very difficult to cure. Fortunately, better methods are available now more than ever to end nerve pain. Patience is paramount with nerve pain; nerves usually heal slowly which makes the diagnosis of a nerve condition not easy.

We don’t take for granted how much stress and strain our feet endure from miles of walking and constantly having shoes and socks on them. Getting to the bottom of a nerve condition is critical to avoid long-term suffering. We’ve seen undiagnosed nerve conditions lead to many years of unnecessary pain. If you’ve had a minor injury that hurts longer than it should, a nerve could be the culprit. Living with foot or ankle pain of any kind isn’t necessary.


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