How Children's Shoes Should Fit How to Properly Fit Those Back-to-School Shoes

The school year has started again. Students of all ages have loaded up their backpacks to walk the halls of academia for another year. For any parents who had a hard time getting through back-to-school shopping and may have forgotten a few things, don’t worry. It’s easy to grab a few more notebooks or crayon packs at any time. If your children still need back-to-school shoes, however, you shouldn’t put it off. Shoes are important for lower limb health.

Children outgrow footwear quickly. Their feet grow as much as a half a shoe size in just a few months. Typically they need new shoes long before they actually wear out an old pair. Getting back-to-school shoes that fit properly is an important part of helping your son or daughter start out school healthily. So if you missed getting new pairs before the start of school, make a special trip to the store to get them properly fitted.

Fitting back-to-school footwear isn’t hard. The first step is to have your child’s feet measured. This will tell you which sizes are best to try. Then you can help your son or daughter test the fit and find the best pair. Be sure to check:

Toe Box Length – There should be space between the end of the toes and the front of a shoe, but not too much. Half an inch of space should be enough for your child.

Shoe Width – Children have wide feet, so make sure the shoe isn’t too narrow. Avoid styles with shallow or pointy fronts, too, since they tend to pinch the toes.

Heel Fit – The back of the shoe should grip the heel so it doesn’t slide out. However, it shouldn’t be so tight it pinches the foot.

Arch and Sole Support – Your child should have some support through the arches to help distribute pressure. Make sure the soles are appropriately cushioned and sturdy, too.

Generally, a school-aged child needs shoes that are sturdy enough to handle activities, but are still breathable and comfortable to wear. No footwear should ever need a “break in” period. That simply means it doesn’t fit. If you need any help fitting those back-to-school shoes, it’s not too late. Let Dr. Darren Silvester and the Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic staff help you. Make an appointment with us through our website, or call (830) 569-3338 to reach us. Don’t forget to order your free copy of Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic’s children’s coloring book!


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