“My Feet Hurt When I Stand”

We frequently hear patients say, “my feet hurt when I stand or walk for more than an hour.” It would be easy to blame weight, bad shoes or a hard surface on the reason for painful feet. While these can be factors, they are not the primary ones.

Patients come to us concerned that there is something seriously wrong with their feet. Fortunately, pain in the feet from standing or walking for a while is almost never from something serious. The foot type that suffers the most from extended standing and walking is the one that is flat. People who have flat feet develop pain from the stress and fatigue on tendons, ligaments and joints.

But here’s the good news… in the vast majority of cases we’ve been able to eliminate this pain with a simple solution. The solution we’re referring to is Custom Orthotics. Custom orthotics put the feet into the proper alignment and allow them to function like they should. When the feet are aligned correctly, the stress on ligaments, tendons and joints disappears.

Whether it’s a 10-year old who has foot pain while playing a sport, a 30-year old who has foot pain working as a tradesman or a 60 year old who has foot pain while working in retail, wearing custom orthotics consistently can relieve their foot pain.

If you have pain in your feet after standing for a while we are here to help you!

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Watch the video below to learn more about how custom orthotics can eliminate your foot pain.


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