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Who Could Benefit From Custom Orthotics?

The simple answer is that most people could benefit from Custom Foot Orthotics. With all of the pounding we do to our feet, they need some help. There are many genetic conditions of the feet that can be dramatically helped by orthotics. That certainly pertains to kids as much as it does adults. Also, since the feet are affected by extra weight, many overweight people need the benefits of orthotics.

What Exactly Do Orthotics Do?

Custom orthotics are far from being just arch supports. What they do is CONTROL the way your feet move. It’s the abnormal movement of your feet that leads to many foot conditions and pain. For your feet to be healthy, all of the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons must be in the correct alignment to function ideally. Unfortunately, often because of genetics, the feet aren’t aligned perfectly to function perfectly.

Are Good Supportive Shoes Enough?

Shoes that have good support are good for your feet… but don’t even come close to providing the benefits of orthotics. Remember, it’s the control of movement that’s most important to relieve foot pain. There isn’t a shoe brand that can control faulty foot movements.

What Specific Conditions Can Orthotics Help?

The most common condition custom orthotics help is Plantar Fasciitis. Aside from that, other common foot conditions that benefit from custom orthotics are:

Can Orthotics Help Kids?

Yes! There are certain foot conditions of kids from 2-18 that orthotics are stunningly successful for. Most children with flat feet that have foot pain are in need of orthotics. Athletic kids who complain of leg pain benefit greatly from orthotics. Teenagers who are showing signs of genetic conditions such as bunions and hammertoes should get orthotics as quickly as possible.

Custom Orthotics

Will Orthotics Fit In My Shoes?

We can make orthotics to fit into any type of shoes. Whether you wear dress shoes, athletic shoes or work boots we can make orthotics to fit them perfectly. The idea is to be able to wear them daily otherwise you won’t reap the benefits.

How Long Do Orthotics Last?

Most orthotics will last 3 years. After 3 years, they may still look decent but they’ll have lost support and control. Also, our feet change to some degree every year.

Do I Need 2 Pairs Of Orthotics?

Many people are investing in 2 pairs so they can put them in different shoes. We can make different orthotic styles to match the shoe style. Remember, wearing them consistently will give you the most benefit.

Pay It Forward

If you have experienced the joy of finally getting relief from a nagging foot problem, share your experience with someone you hear talking about their foot hurting. We love being the source of allowing people to stay active.


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