Get A Second Opinion: Why You Should Choose Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic

Comprehensive history and physical exam:

We listen to the patient tell their story.  In fact, they usually tell it twice in our clinic.  Once to the medical assistant and once to the doctor.  

We provide a comprehensive physical exam of all the systems that could be contributing to your pain.  It is remarkable when this is done, how many things show up that have previously been overlooked. For example, heel pain: Every week we see patients who have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis by their primary care doctor or specialist .  Frequently we find that the patient’s heel pain is not isolated plantar fasciitis, but it is caused by multiple other systems as well.  Sometimes biomechanics are playing some role in the process. 

Comprehensive In-House Diagnostics:X-rays: Our facility has on-site weightbearing x-rays.  This is great for positional problems that don’t show up with non-weightbearing x-rays. Our x-rays are digital so they can easily be manipulated to get a better image.Ultrasound: Ultrasound is rapidly becoming the gold standard in the diagnosis of soft tissue pathology of the lower extremity.  It is about 1/10 the cost of an MRI. Our doctors are highly trained in the use of ultrasound to diagnose conditions such as nerve pathology, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, tendon ruptures, calcification of soft tissues, joint capsule tears and neuromas.  It also can be used to detect early stress fractures that do not show up on x-ray.Fluoroscopy:  Dynamic x-rays can be taken with range of motion studies to see how a joint functions in real time with fluoroscopy.Vascular testing: We offer four-part vascular testing of the lower extremities in our clinic that is very comprehensive and goes to the digital level.  Undiagnosed vascular disorders can frequently be the cause of significant pain and difficulty for the patient.Neurologic testing: We have a very sensitive, painless neurologic test to objectively detect early neuropathy.

Simply put, we can provide you with a comprehensive clinical exam with excellent diagnostics to give you a superior second opinion.


We try to provide our patients with multiple options for treating their condition.  These options are based on clinical evidence and can be very helpful in keeping the patient out of surgery,  providing a significant delay in surgery while keeping the patient comfortable, or choosing the proper procedure.

So if you need a second opinion, we are a good place to start.  Give us a call at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic. Universal City:  210-375-3318, Pleasanton: 830-569-3338.