Considering Bunion Surgery? Read this:

For the first time in San Antonio metro area there is a new technique available to fix your bunion. Dr. Silvester is one of only two physicians in all of Texas to be invited to the educational course on Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery. It is a huge step forward in bunion surgery because it is all done through small button hole incisions. This leaves very little, if any, scar. There are three advantages to this procedure.


1: Small scars:

Nobody likes scars on their feet. Most bunion surgeries leave big scars that can turn ugly and limit motion. Scars can also contract later and cause pain. This new technique leaves incisions that are about ¼ inch long and are barely visible once they heal completely. Of course some people scar more than others. But this technique always delivers smaller scars than traditional surgery.


2: Less pain:

This technique does significantly less soft tissue damage. Therefore, the pain is less. The vasculature to the bone and surrounding tissue is less likely to be disrupted. Also, there is significantly less swelling due to less soft tissue damage. This means less swelling and thereby less pressure on the nerves. In our experience, patients have only needed one or two pain pills.


3: Better motion after surgery:

Most traditional bunion surgeries invade the big toe joint. This causes scarring around the joint. The scar leads to adhesions and the joint motion is restricted. This can be severe. This technique does not usually invade the joint. Therefore the joint can keep its motion.

The procedure is called MICA which stands for “Minimally Invasive Chevron Akin”. It is not for everyone but in general most bunion surgery can be performed using this innovative technique. So if you are considering a bunion procedure give us a call at the Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic. After we look at your x-rays and foot we can tell you if this is the right choice for you.