MicroVas was originally developed by the U.S. military to treat hypothermia in Navy SEALS. It’s a non-invasive treatment which uses electronic impulses to cause muscle contraction and relaxation cycles to stimulate circulation in the capillaries (the tiny blood vessels near the skin surface). This increased capillary blood flow raises the oxygen level in the tissues in order to promote healing in the nerves and muscles which have been damaged. MicroVas stimulates blood flow in these regions to remove toxins, speed healing, and restore balance and proper function. MicroVas Therapy is used to treat a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions and may be used after surgery to encourage healing.

MicroVas Therapy

Package Pricing: Micro-Vas Therapy

# Sessions: 12

Cost: $20/SessionPatches are a 1-time payment of $25 for one leg, $50 for both legs Micro-Vas Therapy is not covered by insurance. It is an elective out-of-pocket cost. Some patients use their Flexible Spending Accounts to cover this therapy.

MicroVas therapy consists of two to three treatments per week, which last approximately 45 minutes. Your doctor will determine if MicroVas therapy is appropriate for you, but due to the variety of conditions successfully treated, odds are it will be a viable option for your foot or ankle condition.

Our experienced staff and doctors have successfully used MicroVas for some time and the results have been excellent. Please call us today to schedule your appointment. For our Universal City location call 210.375.3318 or our Pleasanton location call 830.569.3318.